Love Letter

What do I love about building software that keeps pulling me back in? Why is there no escape?

It’s this strange thing where you can develop an idea, a theory about a tool that changes how people do and see things. You can then build it faster than, say, a bridge. A time of deep focus ensues. Next, I can test my theory in the form of working software with the greatest thing ever: Other people than myself. I can watch them apply my original idea to their world and we can have a conversation about it. After that I can draw my own conclusions to avoid opinion overload. Based on these insights, I form my next theory or hypothesis that will most likely adjust the previous one. And then I can, you know, do the whole thing again. Maybe I’ll keep these steps quite short because I love all parts equally and want to revisit them as quickly as possible. I sure wish there was a name for all this that felt equally fresh and alive.